Hello and Welcome!

Is it weird to admit that, despite being a writer, I don’t really know what to say? Do I wave and scream hello? Or do I wax poetical about how awesome it is to have you all here? I’m just a nerd who loves to write. Guess I should stick with that.

What I would love to eventually make this website is a peek into the world of the Community and an index for my eventual readers. You’ve probably seen that word Community thrown around a little here and there as you navigate, but what is the Community? The better question is, who is the Community?

The Community is the global culmination of all magic-users (called Ether-sensitives) connected as an evolving society that have survived and thrived for centuries. They are the Mancers, those gifted with the ability to both wield and embody the four natural elements. The Knack Witches, those gifted with near genius-level knowledge of one or more subjects. The Shifters, those who can take animal form at will. And the Ether Whales, planet-sized celestial beings who fell to earth long before any sapein crawled on land and started walking on two legs. They are those who were once hunted and are now hidden away from an intolerant humankind (called Non-Ether Sensitives or NESies), thriving between the seams of reality.

We will learn about them all in due time. But for now, be careful where you look and where you tread. That flicker streetlight? It might be the activation of a portal. That swatch of graffiti? A series of ward-chains and sigils separating your world from theirs. Or maybe that red light that keeps flipping to green while no one is in the other lane? Could you can’t see the cars passing for a reason.

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