Blood and Tines

Survival. The word paints pictures of gritty heroism and bootstrap-pulling determination, but the physical act is messy, brutal, and unfair in every bruising shade. It’s a cruelty Ria Erfinder and her twin sister know intimately.

Since fleeing the London fires of 1666 under the cover of darkness, Ria and her family have fought to remain anonymous. To remain hidden. To pass as plain village folk an onlooker would miss in a crowd. That’s how Witches during the era of the Hunts survive, but it’s hardly foolproof and certainly not safe. So when Ria is tasked by her twin to find the last remaining Haven City willing to harbor a pair of orphaned Witches barely a step ahead of the Huntsmen, Ria will risk everything in the name of survival and the fragile hope of freedom. But neither she nor her sibling could have anticipated the cost.

Driven off course by weather and wolves, Ria finds herself trapped as a trespassing interloper in a world far beyond her understanding. It will take every scrap of determination to make it out of Tree Spring alive, but while one twin struggles against the brutality of the Fae and a heritage she was denied, the other will watch the shadow of the Huntsmen march into her town and head straight for her.