Yesterday was so much fun! Had a great time doing my very first signing at the Manassas Barnes & Nobel. Chatted with friends, sold some books, and even set up another signing for later in the year at a larger location in the DMV. All-in-all it was a wonderful day I won’t soon forget.

If anyone has been waiting on purchasing a physical copy of Undergrounder or they want to purchase one for a friend or relative, I have stock left over! All books are $20 through PayPal or Venmo with shipping included (within the Continental US) and come signed with a signed bookmark. If interested, please shoot me an email at or if you follow me on Twitter (@JEGlass_) you can message me there and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Undergrounder Doing Numbers

Hey all!

Thought this was a really cool nugget my wife actually found while checking Undergrounder’s numbers this afternoon. It should be noted I’ve left her in charge of this because I have the unfortunate habit of becoming obsessive, so it’s best I keep clear of ranking systems. This, however, was too cool to pass up!

Will it stay up there? No, but it’s awesome it even got that high!

Undergrounder Book Signing Event!

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce that on April 16th, I will be participating in a book signing evening at the Barnes & Noble in Manassas Virginia from 12 – 4pm. If you’re familiar with the DMV area, stop by, have a chat, grab a coffee, and pick up a signed copy of UNDERGROUNDER with an exclusive bookmark!

Address: Westgate Plaza 8117, Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20109

Time: 12 – 4pm

Paperback copies available

Undergrounder Officially Launched!!

I am thrilled and overjoyed to announce that UNDERGROUNDER successfully launched this weekend with 101 successful copies sold! Debuting Friday the 1st, I expected the reception to be slow, but the numbers keep trucking in, and when I say I’m over the moon, I’m FLYING PAST IT TO MARS!!

Thank you to everyone who made this launch a success and made the dreams of a self-published author come true. Some might scoff at the numbers, but that’s 101 people who were interested enough from my book hook alone to purchase either an ebook or paperback copy from my store and take the plunge into the Underground. That’s precious to me beyond words.

It’s only up from here, so here’s to another 100 copies sold and happy readers begging for the sequel to drop!

There is a monster

(Bit of a personal poem to blow off some steam and work through some emotions)

There is a monster in my house

It eats neither flesh nor bone

But leaves gouges on the soul shaped like teeth impressions  

I creep with hesitant steps so the monster doesn’t hear, treading lightly, a ghost trapped between four expensive walls. I watch my footing and the floorboards, avoiding the creeks so the monster doesn’t stir.

There is a monster in my house

It eats neither flesh nor bone

But its sour Medusa glances takes the warmth from the room

I erased my existence. Clean up my messes. Hide away the evidence that there was anyone else who lived in this home. I am footprints fading in the sand. Here but forgotten. Safe when not noticed.

There is a monster in my house

It eats neither flesh nor bone

But its quiet words are hollow fangs sucking the happiness from my blood

“Watch the tone of your voice,” I say to visitors wary enough to enter. “The monster has sharp ears. It will lie dormant until you leave and then rise for the hunt.” What I don’t say is, “You won’t be the prey because you’re not trapped in this cage.”

There is a monster in my house

It eats neither flesh nor bone

But its two-way faces make it hard to determine which way it will lung 

Vigilance is exhaustive but a body copes. It learns to read the signs like hunting trails. Passiveness begets aggressions, be wary. Words have double meaning, always watch the face. The sound of mundanity hide threats, and flippant words are venomous.

There is a monster in my house

It eats neither flesh nor bone

But it lives and it breathes and it eats and it thinks it isn’t a monster at all. But what monster thinks itself a monster? What is an ant to a human but a pest? What is a human to an ant but a force of nature? So then what are scars painted by words and glances but inconsequential moments of, “I don’t remember ever doing that.”