Yesterday was so much fun! Had a great time doing my very first signing at the Manassas Barnes & Nobel. Chatted with friends, sold some books, and even set up another signing for later in the year at a larger location in the DMV. All-in-all it was a wonderful day I won’t soon forget.

If anyone has been waiting on purchasing a physical copy of Undergrounder or they want to purchase one for a friend or relative, I have stock left over! All books are $20 through PayPal or Venmo with shipping included (within the Continental US) and come signed with a signed bookmark. If interested, please shoot me an email at or if you follow me on Twitter (@JEGlass_) you can message me there and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Undergrounder Doing Numbers

Hey all!

Thought this was a really cool nugget my wife actually found while checking Undergrounder’s numbers this afternoon. It should be noted I’ve left her in charge of this because I have the unfortunate habit of becoming obsessive, so it’s best I keep clear of ranking systems. This, however, was too cool to pass up!

Will it stay up there? No, but it’s awesome it even got that high!